We like to see trough and understand the whole project, than hold it together in one hand – from the first step. So You just share your problems than sit back and relax… We will provide you the best solutions, express!

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Security surveillance cameras

The basic unit of the security system is a surveillance camera system, which has become almost an indispensable part of a safe and modern life.


Fire and smoke alarm systems

Fire and smoke alarm systems are required and obligatory parts of an industrial activity, to keep everyone's safety.


About Us

Opti-Cost Ltd. was founded as a single-member company in 1999, but became one of the most determinative security firm in the Transdanubian region by now.

Establishing the Opti-Cost Ltd.
The number of our employees reaches 20 people
Hotel Azur Low voltage sytem
Wireless IP Security surveillance camera system at Sagvar
Hungarian Sugar Factory Integrated Security System (ISS)
New 300m2 headquarter with renewable green energy sources
Developing our brand new Smart Meetering and Smart Greed Energy System

Nowadays the security of our family, belongings and ourselves are not just an essential need, but became our fundamental right.

Our family business ready to provide You the widest variety of solutions, even in completely customized ways. We are at your disposal with our professional experience and confidence in personalized and individually managed solutions also.


Nagy Tamás
Tamás Nagy
Managing Director
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Péter Nagy
Sales Manager

We adapted our offer for different demands - so whether you are an entrepreneur or an individual – here You can find what you were looking for.


„We like to see trough and understand the whole project, than hold it together in one hand – from the first step. So You just share your problems than sit back and relax… We will provide you the best solutions, express!”

Péter Nagy
Commercial Manager

For our business partners

Remote Surveillance Services 24/7 in the counties of Somogy, Zala and Baranya offers you complete security services and energy audit, what will provide you absolutely safe environment for every day of the year.

  • Interested in Security Cameras?
  • We also provide Unique Integrated Solutions with software and hardware support. Take a look at our project study for Magyar Cukor Ltd. here.
  • Thinking of switching to Green Energy but don’t know where to start?
  • We undertake Tender Tracking and Management, so You don’t have to spend time with these time-consuming activities.
  • With our Access Systems You can be sure that your employees are on duty. Access controls based on cards, biometry or license plates works with 99% accuracy.
  • We offer You Free Examination, Planning and Consulting related to Alarm System orders.
  • Fire and Smoke Detection System planning, implementing and licensing are also part of our services.
  • Wireless Network Systems helps You to connect and communicate with isolated sites and premises.
  • Our Automatic Parking Systems are helping you to make parking traffic predictable. No more traffic jams and disruption in Your site!
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For individuals

  • We guarantee the safety of Your home in every minute of the day with our Remote Surveillance Services. In the counties of Somogy, Zala and Baranya the guards only need 20 minutes to arrive.
  • Interested in environmental issues? Take advantage of the Renewable Energy Sources!
  • Contact us about our current promotional packages which contain Alarm Systems and Security Cameras also.
  • Request our offer about Intelligent Home Solutions and Systems!

Governmental Sector

Serving of the  also part of our activities. Plenty of local government, public institution, and town use our improved integrated systems daily.

  • We already planned and implemented more than 40 town’s Remote Surveillance Service, what helped reducing infringements in public places.
  • One of the biggest Fire Detection System in Hungary was built by Opti-Cost Ltd.
  • We installed the Parking and Access System of 4 hospitals. It helped increasing predictability and still preventing traffic jams in these areas.

We offer you a wide variety of services, but our strength is complex and creative problem solving… Challenge us!


Magyar Cukor Zrt. integrated surveillance system (ISS)

Task of the system

The integrated surveillance system (ISS) monitors separated sites operating as independent units, harmonizing them on a unified graphic surface and generates alarm events if it is reasonable.
Remote monitoring of an integrated system with an internet browser.

Systems involved in ISS
(integrated surveillance system)

  • fire-alarm system
  • Safeguarding system
  • IP camera system
  • License recognition system
  • Scales
  • Barriers
  • SAP exported database

Structure of ISS

structureApplied structure: Client - server. Each system involved in the ISS has a separate controlling module that communicates with the server of the site.

This site server controls the specific area and records its logbook. The site servers are integrated in the central server, which is the server of the graphic surveillance through an internet browser and also the central data storage.
The events of the central server are stored in the SQL database, which makes extended search, data mining and data export from the ISS possible.


magyar cukor zrt ifr.jpg magyar cukor zrt ifr2.jpg magyar cukor zrt ifr3.jpg magyar cukor zrt ifr4.jpg

200 cameras – Gigabite redundant wireless circuit system


OPTI (56).JPG kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere1.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere2.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere3.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere4.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere5.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere6.jpg kaposvár térfigyelő rendszere7.jpg OPTI (58).JPG

List of references

38 surveillance security systems for local
governments (IP, analogue, wireless), as follows:
Hospitals and clinics:Hotel complexes and spas:
  • Local Government of Hetes
  • Local Government of Igal
  • Local Government of Kaposfő
  • Local Government of Kaposvár
  • Local Government of Lengyeltóti
  • Local Government of Ságvár
  • Local Government of Siófok
  • Local Government of Zalakaros
  • Local Government of Zalakomár
  • Local Government of Vése
  • Kaposi Mór County Hospital Kaposvár - studies, CCTV system
  • Heim Pál Children’s Hospital - automated parking system
  • Markusovszky Hospital Szombathely - automated parking and access control system
  • Bethesda Children’s Hospital - access control system, door automation
  • Hotel Azúr and Azúr Prémium - complex low current system: surveillance security, CCTV, alarm, fire-alarm systems, structured cable network
  • Hotel Nautis - complex low current system: surveillance security, CCTV, burglar alarm, fire-alarm systems, structured cable network
  • Magyar Cukor Zrt.- integrating and process controlling system
  • National Repository of Nuclear Waste of Paks
  • Nuclear Power Plant in Bátaapáti - fire-alarm system
  • Local Government Sopron - access control system


referencia1.jpg referencia2.jpg referencia3.jpg referencia4.jpg referencia5.jpg referencia6.jpg referencia7.jpg referencia8.jpg referencia9.jpg referencia10.jpg referencia11.jpg referencia12.jpg referencia13.jpg


Tamás Nagy
Managing Director

Reliability and reality

Tel.: +36 20 926 56 39
E-mail: tamas.nagy@opticost.hu

Péter Nagy
Sales Manager

Creativity and Innovation

Tel.: +36 20 260 72 36
E-mail: peter.nagy@opticost.hu

Gabriella Szaksz
Financial director

Dynamism and strong-minded

Tel.: +36 20 555 28 79
E-mail: gabriella.szaksz@opticost.hu


OptiCost Kft.

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